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Potable Water Tank, Inspection, Maintenance & Repair Services

Potable water tank inspections and cleanings play a huge role in our business.  The AWWA recommends inspection and cleaning of potable water reservoirs on a five-year rotation. Many states are now mandating these guidelines for all potable water structures. IDS will assist operators in compliance by inspecting and cleaning these structures on a regular rotation.

We have experience servicing all types of storage tanks, including, blasted rock, in-ground concrete, on-ground steel or concrete, and elevated steel. 

Other storage tank services include:

  • Inspections of the ventilation screen and hardware
  • Inspection of the hatches
  • Removal of all material in the tank, including sediment, sand, and coagulated materials
  • Underwater leak detection
  • External and internal coating inspections
  • Repairs to exposed re-bar, concrete spalls, or internal plumbing
  • Cathodic protection system maintenance and repair
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