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Hazardous Materials

IDS offers Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) diving as one of its many marine services.  Our highly specialized equipment and safety procedures, will provide our clients with divers for projects related to the following:

  • Sludge Removal Services
  • Nuclear Power Plant Diving Services (Radiation Dives)
  • Inspection, Maintenance, and Repairs in Wastewater and Sewage Treatment Plant Diving
  • Chemical Plant Diving Services
  • Pipe Penetration Services

Hazardous materials may frequently exist in our area of operations. Hazardous materials may exist on a project site both knowingly and unknowingly. Sometimes the project is a known hazardous material site, but more often hazardous materials are incidental to the job site. Being able to effectively complete your project while maintaining the highest degree of safety is what we offer our clients.

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