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Diver Operated Dredging Services

Indepth Diving Services LLC. ( IDS ) is provides rapid response and turnkey operation for all types of diver operated dredging, airlifting, and pumping projects. IDS provides numerous pumps and specialty dredging equipment. This includes thousands of feet of suction, discharge hoses, and related equipment.

Diver Dredging Operations

IDS has performed diver dredging operations for wastewater treatment plants, dams, river terminals, power plants, and industrial facilities. IDS dive crew members are experienced in the operation and maintenance of the large pumping equipment, which is necessary to perform dredging operations quickly and efficiently

Material Removal Services

IDS has performed an extensive number of material removal and pumping projects for a wide variety of clients. These projects have included:

  • Dredging around water intakes
  • Water tank, intake, and wetwell cleaning
  • De-watering of structures and vessels
  • Construction and dredging of settling ponds
  • Construction of silt collection barriers
  • Cleaning of tanks, basins, and clearwells
  • Environmentally safe removal of hazardous materials
  • Cooling tower sediment removal
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