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Inspection, Maintenance & Repair

Pipeline Maintenance and Services

IDS is both experienced and equipped to perform all types of pipeline inspections, repair, cleaning, construction work, and maintenance, including work on Department of Transportation regulated pipelines. Our inspection capabilities also include diver/underwater video inspection, hydrographic surveys, and sonar imaging inspections. Lastly, we have underwater pipe trackers to allow the dive crew to follow buried pipe, as well as push and crawler cameras for internal pipe inspections.

We have installed all types of pipe including carbon steel and ductile iron for water intakes, outfalls, and river crossings, and have the equipment necessary to perform these large scale projects.

Inspection Services

Our highly qualified inspectors and technicians use site-specific procedures, as well as innovative practices to assess current conditions.  This assists in projecting long-term maintenance requirements. Our approach combines knowledge of industry requirements with specialized training and/or diving techniques to assure inspections are relevant to customer needs. IDS inspectors are trained and certified in accordance with applicable industry codes and standards.

Our professionals perform a tactile and/or visual inspection of any exposed portions of the pipe and its coating. IDS can also provide an extensive pipeline inspection report including drawings and hydrographic soundings encountered. Any underwater video footage obtained during the inspection can also be provided to the client.

Repair and Maintenance Services

Repair and preventative maintenance are designed to minimize downtime, reduce costs, and avoid costly unplanned work. Our teams work closely with the customer to ensure repair and maintenance programs are consistent with the facilities unique technical specifications and operating requirements.

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